Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Pulled Apart By Horses - Get Off My Ghost Train

Listen to some sweet ass Pulled Apart By Horses while you have a browse.

So we all remember the Epic Beard Man incident of February last year? No?

Well read up on it you jerk.

Here's the factual boring account

Wikipedia, bleh.

Here's the bastardised super fun happy time ED version

Encyclopedia Dramatica, yay.

Can you believe it? A week from now it'll be a year since that shit went down. I was there. Were you there? probably.

I'm essentially not a racist. But one thing about that video did completely transcended me. It wasn't the awesome pummelling blows of justice. Or the hilarity of the black bitch stealing the old dudes bag in the end. It wasn't even the guys t-shirt.

It was the saintly figure sat, nay, perched among it all. The internets lovingly dub

bed her 'Amberlamps'.

Giant headphones.

Ultra-fashionable violet leggings

That gaze.

I hope I get to meet her one day.

Have an amberlamp stencil. If you spray this anywhere in your town/city you'll automatically become the coolest kid ever.


  1. hahahaha yes! great post, following! can't believe this was a year ago